Saturday, October 3, 2009


  1. seductiveDESTRUCTION --->

  2. So I had the idea of doing a base-jumping car. Charge it in the sun for a few hours then launch it off a cliff at insane speed. You'd have to have a parachute and maybe some ailerons to control it in the air. Maybe you could even do tricks during freefall by using the ailerons and fins ...hmmm. Lets get some more ideas up here!

  3. A couple of thoughts

    1. An f1 car for the 2080 what tech has changed F1, are the races the same, do the cars still use any of the conventions of F1 that were used to?

    2. Design your ultimate hot wheel.

    ALSO...the Seductive Destruction theme seems interesting. But I am wondering are you envisioning a prompt to go along with it? Or alternatively it is just look at the images and doodle?

    BTW who all is going to be in on the sketch off?


  4. Hey bliss..I like the utimate hot wheel idea. That could lead to some interesting things..

    So the participants are myself, herman, bliss, aj, and zac. I'm waiting for crobar to call me back to let me know if he wants to join.

  5. My idea is a moon racer for 3010. The vehicle can't be a spaceship, but it doesnt have to have wheels. Your vehicle must have two weapons, one for offense and another for defense but you are not allowed any nuclear weapons unless it is nuclear waste. The vehicle must be able to deal with the harsh temperatures, low gravity and lack of oxygen. Vehicle must carry at least two people for the driver cannot control the weapons.

  6. ok ok my ideas are as follows:
    1 a car to cruise underwater around the great reefs of the world. like the Australian great reef

    2 A vehicle were the passengers must be in a laying (back or stomach) position. i think this will force us to come up with some really cool packaging ideas.

    3 what about a wind powered vehicle, must have a sail or something

    4 we all have seen the new tron bike, what if we all did our reinterpretations of the tron motorcycle

    5 what about redesigning the Delorean for 2020 (i just watched the red bull soap box derby where one contestant make a delorean soap box)

  7. Bliss: The ultimate hot wheel topic seems to be the most interesting as it almost relates to the "2080F1". Although, there is an uber-motor-powered shopping cart hot wheel! Oh, and "RADIO FLYER" is kool too!

    Steve: Is it a solo vehicle? or maybe, a "cluster vehicle" that breaks apart in peak air and thrusters separate?

    Zach: Any specific moon in our solar system? Does the vehicle need to be attracted to the ground or does it float?

    AJ: Im diggin' the vehicle with a sail! The recreational Austrailian scuba vehicle would be fun as well!

    Herman's vehicle is straight forward. A new interpretation of a tank with an emphasis on sleek and light sexy features. . .

    Another vehicle idea is a "bionic-human race/recreational car". Lightness and distribution of components is key! Woman/man + car = !bionic-mobility!

  8. the moon racer would race on at least one moon from each plant that has one.I left the attached tot he ground part up to you. It has to move about the moon as if it has wheels though so that it still has to deal with the extreme terrain. o it wouldn't float more then a foot off the ground.

    Herman: would the bionic-human racer be like the bike from Tron?

    I like the vehicle with a sail idea too, could be interesting like that Mercedez from last year's LA AutoShow Design Comp.

  9. Bionic-mobility is where man and machine are "1". . .all the time. Its a sick fusion between the two!

  10. Well..we have alot of good ideas here! I like pretty much of all of them. I guess we should each pick our top one or two and then maybe we can narrow it down from there. We can always use whatever doesnt get picked next time.

    Just to summarize what we have so far:

    base-jumping car
    seductive destruction-"sexy tank"
    your ultimate hot wheels car
    moon racer 3010
    underwater reef cruiser
    layingdown car-unique package
    wind powered
    tron bike redesign
    Delorean 2020
    Bionic Human Vehicle-human and vehicle are 1

    For right now my top 2 are:
    ultimate hot wheels
    underwater reef cruiser

    Last time we started at 9pm and ended at that going to work for everybody or should we start earlier?

  11. lets start earlier. . . maybe 7 or 8

    My picks:
    ultimate hot wheels car
    wind powered

  12. I agree with you Steve we should pick one each week from this list until we've done them all.

    My picks are:
    wind power
    bionic human vehicle

  13. I wouldn't mind going down the list, and even adding in the unused ideas from last round.

    @ Herman, I agree that we should start earlier. I also wonder if we want to go a bit longer, or shorter with the time?

    Finally my picks:
    Bionic Car
    Ultimate Hot Wheels

  14. I say start at 7 or 8, but keep it 3 hours.

    The final outcome and execution is the most important. Try not to spend too much time developing the idea as it may reflect poorly in the final sketch/render.

  15. my two are:
    1 wind power
    2 base jumping

  16. Ok so after adding the votes up the Ultimate Hot Wheels and Wind Powered Car are tied with 3 votes each. After just getting home empty handed from a disappointing trip searching for a cool Hot Wheels I think we should tackle that for this week. We'll start at 8 if thats ok with everybody...